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AYFL Programs & Collaborations

Together, everyone achieves more. That's the true essence of a TEAM. As a community, we can achieve way more if we united TOGETHER as a TEAM; a team that's unified towards a common goal and objective that centers around what's best for OUR youth. That's the spirit of the AYFL Vision. 

The AYFL provides a platform for over 3,000 youth student athletes to participate in youth football. The AYFL football program is committed to supporting and empowering our student athletes. We have formed alliances with community partners who support our Vision and who are committed to helping our youth get on and stay on positive life paths.

The Big 5 AYFL Initiatives

(The core issues we're tackling at a young age, so that we can prevent them from becoming prevalent problems in adulthood) 

1) Youth Violence 

2) School Dropout 

3) Poverty 

4) Substance Abuse 

5) Homelessness 

The AYFL Student Athlete Development Program

(The core programs we have established to address the foundational issues our youth are facing)

1) Youth Football (Athletics Program)

2) Student Athletes Succeed (Success Program)

3) Student Athletes Lead (Leadership Program)

4) Student Athletes Excel (Educational Excellence Program)

5) Student Athletes Work (Career/Entrepreneurial Program)


AYFL Collaborators

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Playing sports as one defines the word team...being an student athlete is a privilege.

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