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Transforming Our Youth
Through The Game of Football

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The Atlanta Youth Football League (AYFL) is committed to being a level above the rest, by emphasizing being more than just about football.

The AYFL exists to enhance the quality of life of our Student Athletes, their Families, and their Communities.

We utilize football as the hook to capture the attention of our Youth and their Families. In doing so, we aim to Achieve the following Objectives: 

  1. Guiding them along a Successful Life Path

  2. Developing them as Leaders

  3. Encouraging and Support them with regards to Excelling Educationally

  4. Connecting them with Career/Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The AYFL has taken additional steps to enhance its Initiatives in Community Development, by establishing Official Collaborations with the following entities: 

  • Valerian Sports Development Group



That's what you'll hear from the mouths of over 2,500 youths, ages 5-14, who are connected to the multiple Associations that are members of the Atlanta Youth Football League (AYFL). 


That's what this is all about. Touching the lives of thousands of kids, primarily residing in the Metro Atlanta area. Providing them with an outlet that will position them to learn invaluable life lessons. 

Be Focused - Be Disciplined - Don't Quit

Keep Your Head Up - Stay Committed 

Compete - Have Faith - Finish

Coach Talk is memorable, and although some will not embrace it right now, they surely will remember it when they get older, as they look back and reminisce about their time as a youth football player.


The AYFL Leadership are proud stewards of the vessel that the Association Leaders have chosen to come aboard, so that they may fulfill their respective missions and visions, which impact the lives of God's most precious blessings...our children. 


— Inky Johnson

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